Jeffrey's Jazz Coffeehouse - An evening with Ben Caldwell and The Crockpot “Jazz for the Soul”

Jeffrey's Jazz Coffeehouse presents the final concert this Winter Quarter!
An evening with Ben Caldwell and The Crockpot “Jazz for the Soul”
w/ Melanesia Hunter, Eric Lyn, Kindal Tate, Steven Martin, Sumeal Eggleston & Kay’ce Thompkins
Saturday, Mar 7, 2020 7:00 pm
in Isla Vista at Rockfire Grill 6583 Pardall Road
Jeffery's Jazz Coffeehouse (JJC) is a collaboration among artists, musicians, cultural and black studies scholars, and local intellectuals to achieve something broader than creating entertainment spaces in Isla Vista. JJC wishes to thank all those who contribute and share in these extraordinary opportunities. JJC is presented in conjunction with BLST 14: The History of Jazz, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Stewart.
Special thank you to: Chancellor Henry Yang, Dean Charlie Hale, Associate Dean Victor Rios, Professor Kim Yasuda, IV Community Director Diana Puente, Paulina Arango, Erin Adams, and UCSB Alumni Marilyn Lee and Sandy Otellini for their support.


The Department of Black Studies thanks Dr. Stewart for exposing students and the broader Isla Vista Community to amazing entertainment by coupling black cultrual production and social justice.