Cities on Fire!: Police Terror, Black Defiance and (the limits of) Racial Solidarity

Cities on Fire!: Police Terror, Black Defiance (and the limits of) Racial Solidarity

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Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade are the most recent victions of police terror in the United States. Their fate adds to the long list of assassinations of Black people here and in other parts of the African Diaspora. How should we politicize anger, grief, and mourning towards ethical resistance against police terror? What does justice entail? How can we mobilize allies for other gendered, sexualized, marginalized Black victims quite often invisibalized in the protests against police terror? What are the limits and possibilities for cross-racial solidarity?

DATE: June 4th

Time: 12pm - 2pm (PDT)

Mediated/Organized by:

Amanda Pinheiro (ABD Global Studies, Migration Initiative)

Dr. Jaime Amparo Alves (Department of Black Studies)


Dr. Ingrid Banks - Department of Black Studies/UCSB

Reverend Dr. David Moore - Santa Barbara Interfaith Community

Dr. Terrance Wooten - Department of Black Studies/UCSB

Deandre Miles-Hercules - Black Graduate Students Association/UCSB

Alyssa Frick-Jenkins - Black Student Union/UCSB