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Class lists, Course days/times/location, Student Email addresses, Entering Grades

Please use eGrades to see information regarding the days/times/location of your course(s), to view course enrollment, print class lists (with email addresses), and to enter-in student grades. The website is:


If you have trouble logging onto eGrades or of you have trouble entering in student grades please contact an eGrades administrator directly. The email address is located at the bottom of the eGrades website.

Contacting your Class Lists (ULISTs)

U-Lists is a faculty/TA service providing course mailing lists. Use the U-List manager to send messages to all students enrolled in your class via a single e-mail address. Please Note: Faculty teaching Lower Division courses must first give their TAs access to ULISTs by adding each TA's umail email address to their respective course sections in the "Edit this List" section. The website is:


Course Reserves and Electronic Reserves

Please use the web form at the link below to request library owned titles of course texts to be placed on Course Reserve for 2-hour or 1-day loan periods. Course Reserve Lists are due to the library one month prior to the beginning of the academic quarter. While every effort is made to process requests as quickly as possible, the library states that they are extremely busy during the few weeks leading up to and after the beginning of each academic quarter. Material requested or submitted during this time may not be available during the first few weeks of the quarter. The website is:


To post documents on Electronic Reserve, see Electronic Reserve - FAQ

Gaucho Space

Instructors can utilize Gaucho Space to support lectures, discussion sections and groups with the following tools:

  • Information delivery (files, website links, text and web pages)
  • Communication with section groups, TAs, individual students (News Forum, QuickMail)
  • Mid-quarter feedback on instruction (Feedback tool)
  • Quizzes (Quiz tool)
  • Assignments (online assignment upload/s, online text)
  • Gradebook
  • Discussion (live Chat, threaded discussion topics using Forum tool)
  • Collaborative peer writing and editing (wiki, discussion forums)
  • Student opinion polls (Choice tool)

To sign up for Gaucho Space Training please contact Lisa Berry: lisa@id.ucsb.edu

To access Gaucho Space (only permissible after training) the website is:


Textbook Orders

New laws require universities to provide textbook information to students at the time of registration. For this reason, our campus bookstore has moved up the deadline for text requests at UCSB. A textbook request form must be submitted by the deadline below for each course you are teaching:


  Fall quarter requests are due May 15th
  Winter quarter requests are due October 5th
  Spring quarter requests are due January 15th
  Summer Session requests are due April 15th

You must submit either the ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 number for the exact version/edition of the text you want. Textbook request forms should be submitted to Toni via email attachment or a hard copy should be placed in Toni’s Dept. mailbox. Text request forms which are submitted with incomplete and/or inaccurate information will be returned to the faculty member unprocessed.

Tips for obtaining textbook information

  • Do not use Amazon.com for obtain textbook information- the site includes a great deal inaccurate and outdated information.
  • To ensure that you are indicating the most up-to-date and accurate information about a particular text, get the information directly from the publisher (either via their website, or by calling the company)
  • If you are having trouble locating a particular text, contact the publisher directly to see if the book is still available.

Protocol for Ordering Exam Copies

Professors are responsible for ordering their own exam copies of texts they would like to review for teaching purposes. Instructors should contact publishers directly regarding the process for ordering exam copies.

Protocol for Ordering Desk Copies

Desk copies will automatically be ordered for Teaching Assistants in the lower division courses. Please only request desk copies for texts you have not used previously; desk copies are only considered “complimentary” the first time they are used by a professor.

Textbook Request Forms

The excel version of the text request form has been revised! Instead of only having one page to list text requests you can now list additional texts on the tabs we've added to the workbook. Each tab contains space for five text requests. To move to a different tab simply click on the other tabs (titled Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5) on the lower left-hand side of the program. Be sure to indicate your name and the course number on each tab that contains text information so that I am aware of what class the texts are for. If you have any questions about this just shoot me an email!

If you choose to complete the text request form by hand you can simply download as many copies of the PDF text request form as you need.

Click here to download a PDF version of the text request form

Click here to download an Excel version of the text request form