Faithe Day

Assistant Professor


Faithe J. Day is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Black Studies with a B.A. in English and Digital Humanities, as well as a PhD. in Communication Studies. As a former CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for African American Studies, Dr. Day’s work focuses on Black and LGBTQIA+ communities and environments. This concentration has led to the creation of “The Black Living Data Booklet” a manual and a manifesto on the ethical engagement of data on and for Black communities, as well as projects which bring greater awareness to issues of data privacy, ethics, and ownership in developing research and technology, as well as personal and community-based archives.

By building a culture of collaboration through digital platforms, Dr. Day develops creative solutions to 21st-century problems with a focus on educating and empowering students and lifelong learners. In working towards a future built on intersectional justice, Dr. Day prioritizes research partnerships and collaborations with mission-focused organizations, individuals, and initiatives, such as the Center for Black Studies Research. Her research has also been published in journals such as Transformative Works and Cultures, Social Media + Society, and the Journal of Lesbian Studies, and her writing can also be found in a host of digital publications, such as Spark: Elevating Scholarship on Social Issues, Cosmopolitan, and ZORA. Additional research, writing, and her most recent projects can be found at