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Geoffrey Jacques is a poet, writer, and editor who has taught at colleges and universities in New York City and in Southern California. His books include A Change in the Weather: Modernist Imagination, African American Imaginary (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009), and his collections of poetry include Just For a Thrill (Wayne State University Press, 2004). His poem, "Trump," appeared in 2019 in Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire, and "Murmured in the Ear," was published as a pamphlet in 2018 by Happy Monks Press. He also wrote the forward to the newest edition of the classic study by Sidney Finkelstein, Jazz: A People's Music (originally published in 1948; new edition 2019). “Freedomways and the African American Freedom Movement,” on the pioneering civil rights era journal, was published in 2018 on the website Reveal DigitalHis essay on filmmaker Elia Kazan, "Promises, Trust, Betrayal: The Art of Elia Kazan," was published in The Journal of Modern Hellenism, (2016), and Cineaste has published other essays of his on film.