Senior Honors Program

Senior Honors Thesis Seminar in Black Studies

BLST 190 AH-BH-CH (Formerly BLST 195A-B-C) 

The Senior Honors Thesis Seminar in Black Studies is offered specifically to Majors who have excelled in their courses at UCSB. Each student admitted into the program must have and maintain a 3.3 university grade-point average in addition to a 3.5 departmental grade-point average. Students who successfully complete the Senior Honors Thesis Seminar in Black Studies will earn Distinction in the Major, which will be reflected on the formal degree awarded by the University.

Students selected to participate in this program will be exposed to a different faculty instructor each quarter of the three-quarter series. Honors students will work during the Fall quarter, BLST 190AH, to produce a research proposal by identifying a research topic and research question, argumentation (why the study matters), methods and methodology, and literature search and review. During the Winter quarter, BLST 190BH, honors students will focus on method/methodology (in connection to data collection), data collection, and initial analysis of data. The final part of the series during the Spring quarter, BLST 190CH, students will focus on continuing analysis and data discussion and completing the Senior Honors Thesis Seminar. Honors students will also prepare to present an academic paper at the departmental Spring Colloquium for earning distinction (honors) in the major.

Distinction in the Major

Senior Honors students must earn a final grade of at least a 'B' in BLST 190AH-BH-CH to earn Distinction in the Major.


If you are interested in joining the Senior Honors Thesis Seminar and meet the eligibility requirements, please complete the application here.


If you have any questions, you can contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Theresa Harkness: