Senior Honors Program

Distinction in the Major

195A-B-C Honors Thesis Seminar in Black Studies:

Earning Distinction in the Major

Distinction in the MajorĀ is awarded to students who successfully complete a project or thesis with distinction as part of a departmental senior honors program.

Prerequisites: senior standing and consent of department. Must have a 3.3 university grade-point average; 3.5 departmental grade-point average.

The Honors Thesis Seminar in Black Studies is a three-quarter in-progress sequence course with grades for all three quarters issued upon completion of the final quarter. Each student, under the direction of the department chair, will identify a research topic and map out a research project with the appropriate faculty member(s). Research will begin in fall and continue more intensely during winter. Research papers will be completed in spring with a formal presentation before an audience of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in Black studies. Students will earn a total of 12 units after successful completion of the Honors Thesis Program in Black Studies. Students who participate in the Senior Honors Thesis are permitted to use BL ST 195A in place of BL ST 190. The units earned from BL ST 195B and BL ST 195C are then applied as upper division elective units towards the major.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for the Honors Thesis and would like to enroll in the course please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Theresa Harkness: