Undergraduate Petitions

A petition is a formal written request for an exception to a published policy or requirement.

Please go to the link below to learn about the petition process at the University and to find out how to obtain the petition you need.  Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions for each petition and submit all required materials along with your petition.


Most commonly used Petitions

Name of Petition

Used to Request

General Education Requirements

GE substitutions

Degree Requirements

major substitutions; repeat/credit clarification; academic residence exception; concurrent enrollment

Deficit Load

fewer than 12 units for a regular quarter

Excess Load

more than the published maximum units

EAP (Education Abroad Program)

substitution of UC EAP coursework for major requirements


application of credit from UC Extension to the degree

Proposed Schedule for Graduation

registration beyond 200 units

Credit by Examination

credit for a course by taking an examination

Late add

addition of a course after the published deadline

Retroactive Add

addition of a course after the quarter has passed

Late/retroactive drop

withdrawal from a course after the published deadline 

Graduate course

enrollment in a graduate-level course

Incomplete Grade

a grade of Incomplete

Change of Major

a change of major or to a declare major

Memo of Understanding for Double Major

more than one major - must be filed with a change of major petition

Independent Study Exception

enrollment in an independent study over published unit limits or as a lower-division student

Independent Study

enrollment in an independent study within normal rules